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musicworm's Journal
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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

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William Parker & Hamid Drake "Piercing the Veil"
Такой вот замечательный альбом.


1. Black Cherry (RealAudio sample)
2. Chatima
3. Heavenly Walk (RealAudio sample)
4. Japeru (RealAudio sample)
5. Nur al Anwar (RealAudio sample)
6. Piercing The Veil
7. Loom Song
8. Chaung Tzu’s Dream
9. Bodies Die/Spirits Live

All songs composed by William Parker and Hamid Drake;
Published by Centering Music (BMI) / Smiling Forehead Music (BMI)
C+P 2001 AUM Fidelity

Produced by Steven Joerg
Recorded by Michael Marciano on April 3, 2000 at Systems Two Studio in Brooklyn

Mixed by Joerg and Marciano at Systems Two on January 9, 2001
Final Mastering by Flam at Mindswerve in Manhattan

Cover photographs by Michael Galinsky

Hamid Drake: drums, tablas, frame drum, bells
William Parker: bass, balafon, shakuhachi, bombard, dumbek, slit drum

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