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Рецензия на Wozzeck "Act III: Comics" от Франса де Ваарда:


Very much along similar lines is the CD by Wozzeck, a duo of Ilia Belorukov (alto and baritone saxophones) and Mikhail Ershov (bass guitar) with the help of four others on electric guitar, trombone, voice and violin. Apparently it has forty-seven small tracks cut together as one track, and one remix by Piotr Kurek and Arturas Bumsteinas. Most of the time Wozzeck also careful styled improvisations, with a strong focus on instrument use, sometimes sounding as objects. There is more happening here in twenty-three minutes than in the same amount of time of Hubbub, but it all comes from the very same source: AMM. playing rather moody, thoughtful improvisation music. Wozzeck seem younger and less focussed on a long duration. Instead they opt for quicker, small events, without losing their focus on 'mood' and 'texture'. Nice, entirely different package: a comic! The remix is a more concentrated effort of loop based sounds from the original, adding a like drone like character to the original. Bits and pieces from the original seem to leak through, which makes it all the more orchestral. Very nice remix. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)
Tags: intonema
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